Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fambly Man Rorey Hipps back in action!

It had been a minute since we had gotten to get out with Rorey.  The day seemed like it was going to get rained out, but we were persistent though.  Out lasted the weather, and prevailed.  One big ollie and called it a day, then went out for beers.  Cheers!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

lil' session at the Fambly Man Barn Ramp

 This ramp has been around for a few  years now and never really got a name.  I feel like most ramps get a name.  Even with all the characters that have come out to ride it over the years nothing more than barn ramp.  It is also deceivingly hard to ride.  So if you look at the photo of Ben Bradford floating a frontside ollie and say it's just an ollie, I can just about guarantee you would be eating those words if you actually got the chance to ride it.

Yep... so now that Fambly Man exists it's gettin a name, FMBR, (Fambly Man Barn Ramp). Damn if that ain't  creative I don't know what is!  Alright maybe not as creative as Ben's one footer to fakie or the "I want to stare down the camera like the dudes would do in the 80's" 5-0.  But you know, that's how we roll out here in North Carolina... or something like that.  New boards out in a month, and be on the look out for some other rad stuff coming soon!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Gettin' this s#*t rollin' again!!!

Here at Fambly Man we have had a bit of a slow down in production and altogether action due to a few Fambly situations, such as, havin' babies and s#*t. But I am here to tell you you we ain't close to done... we made some new stickers!  Yep and there are still a few cruizers floating around that no one wanted for X-mas, so get out there and get yourself a sticker and buy a cruizer damn it.